Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mandalas - op

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Domenec Mendez said...

Hi guys again,

my last suggestion to implement about unit 11, i promise,

Designing and Coloring Mandalas

...can be a wonderful hobby with cleansing psychological effects!

Mandalas are a representation of both our inner and the outer cosmos. According to Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung, their circling arms reflect our most sacred subconscious symbols of birth -vaginas, breasts and nipples- and existence -eyes, iris but also planets and galaxies. Obviously, if a circumpherence has no beginning or end, a mandala is a taste of infinity whose psychodelic patterns are not very far away from the healing visions of lucid dreams, tropical fevers and other altered states of consciousness.
Designing and Coloring Mandalas Help...

Get satisfaction and pleasure,

Calm your mind and induce feelings of tranquility and deep contentment,

Reduce stress and lower blood pressure generating good health and well-being,

Increase concentration,

Stimulate your creative thinking and problem-solving abilities,

Overcome blocks and stuck patterns in daily life -:integrate polarities within yourself-,

Make meditation easier and more accessible,

Align body, mind, heart, and spirit into harmony,
Assist you to reach your full potential,

Best wishes,