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The main purpose of this blog is showing the tremendous pedagogical potential of movies and transcripts particularly for foreign language teaching

Save your students the cost of a reader for one term and ask them to read any of these scripts, Friend's pilot episode The One Where it All Began which includes a set of individual and group activities with answers key;  
Beowulf, also with the Spanish translation; 
Sex and the City - Pilot Episode
The Young Ones - Pilot Episode
Inside Job movie transcripts 

as well as those transcripts students have included in their own magazine-assignment project:

PS: I love You
Up by Walt Disney
Grease - first scene and lyrics
The Aristocats by Walt Disney
The Fast and the Furious
Pulp Fiction
Family Guy - first episode
Charlie's Angels
Wild Child
American Pie
Never Back Down
Full Metal Jacket
Friday 13th
Mula by Walt Disney
Die Hard
White Chicks
Gran Torino
Dances with Wolves
Cat Woman
Pirates of the Caribean
Men in Black 2
Jurasic Park
Spiderman 2
The Fast and the Furious 5
The Transporter
Paranormal Activity
Back to the Future

Try also these short transcripts for a funny lesson,

My Blackberry is not Working
Rowan Atkinson as the Devil

If you are teaching Spanish as a Foreign or Second language, do consider the following movie scripts or fragments from scripts:

Los Protegidos - temporada 2 - cap. 14
Las Cronicas de Narnia
Los Simpson
Aida - cap. 94
Escenas de Matrimonio - Los Protegidos - Los Simpson

This PowerPoint presentation: Using ICT to recreate a Private Tuition Environment in a Multifunctional Classroom together with Language and Identity could be another term's reader to download for free. Some fragments of which could yield an interesting guided debate on FLT methodologies.

Cognate Bilingual Dictionaries is a short quantitative research, a good complement for the previous reading.

Once more, save your students the cost of a term's reader and ask them to download for free this article published by the Ontario International Journal on Sustained Development in Canada, Unconscious Dynamics of Gender Inequality.

This article was later expanded and included in Lady Liberty – Constructing the Jungian Self in Gender Parity and Linguistic Diversity published recently by Lambert Academic Publishing. If you need a publisher for your investigations or thesis, take a look at my experience working with this German publisher.

This publication includes a guided debate on gender parity; it could also yield others on Altered States of Consciousness, Female Iconography and Prostitution.

Furthermore, if you need an example of guided debate, a template to follow and create your own guided debates, you can also take a look at this one on Life After Death, posted as well in some other social networks, and favourably upraised by their coordinators.

This Free on-line English Language Course on Style  and syntactic structures of The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown was implemented as a class activity with students of advanced level in EOI Manresa this course of 2011-12.

Another on-line Free English Language Course on Comparative semantics.

Bodily Kinesthetic Dynamics

Ladder Workouts has been presented in several international conferences and published by

Newaza - Ground Techniques was presented at the First Ibero-American Conference on Sports Education in La Habana -Cuba- and its implementation of with my teenage students of last year has been a wonderful experience.

The relaxation and massage session that followed was also very soothing.

These Singing performances, theatre plays and parties were also very exciting.

This School year we have put into practice some bodily kinesthetics dynamics:

Human Castles in the English Class
Why a Pub in Classroom,
Poker Dice
Cooking in the Classroom,

Urban and School Orchards was accepted for presentation at one of the last editions of the International Conference on Sports Education organized by Universitat de Barcelona.

Other activities

A Web-Quest on Paleolithic and Neolithic venus was definitely a great and amusing experience and my most visited post. you are encouraged to try it for yourselves with your students. Here you have more venuses.

Oral Presentations given by my students of this school year in an extremely interesting variety of topics:

Setting up a Non-profit association like ours can be a very educational resource, here we provide one example of mission statement in two languages -Spanish and Catalan- as a template for students to write down their own mission statement according to their interests, it could be a sports and entertaining association, cultural or political, etc...

Finally, Archetypes is another proposal to show the potential of Jungian psychology.

More feedback and suggestions welcome.

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