Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magazine Project on Movie Transcripts

Hi there,

This is more or less the calendar of activities we'll be following for this last month of classes:

cal.lendari d'activitats aquest ultim mes:

- Thursday, June 2nd, a MACRO-CONCERT for all three groups at the theatre last morning hour, which means we will have to work on the songs that the artists have chosen,

- we still have to complete 2 progress checks and exams for units 8 and 9,

A MAGAZINE PROJECT  which implies personal research and personal pictures as well if you want to,  
Un projecte de revista individual, que implica recerca personal i fotos personals si voleu,

1st session: Explaining the activity

- please connect to these two links and take a look at these PDF's files so you can get an idea of the work to deliver, 


therefore, your magazine should include:

1. a cover page, title and pictures of a movie, personal pictures, index,
2. an Index
3. a movie transcript in original version,
4. a translation
5. some grammar activities, crosswords, etc...
6. a section to chose from: sports, fashion, cooking, personal hobbies, etc...
7. a back cover.

- In order to choose a movie script, type in
"movie scripts" in a search engine like google or connect to any of these links:



- Select a movie title,

- Copy and paste it or download it to a word processor document;

- Take everything off except  NAME OF CHARACTERS, DIALOGUE AND SCENES,

Now you have the main body of your magazine

2nd and 3rd session, should be enough to transcribe the complete script into your magazine,
4th session, Provide either the translation of the main vocabulary or the complete script,
5th session, Invent some grammar activities following the example of Friends:

6th session, Include another section on sports, fashion, personal hobbies, etc...
7th session, Design the cover and back cover; convert the document to pdf and send it to me,

Podeis utilitzar cualquiera de estos enlaces para obtener el guion de una serie de tv o una pelicula de cine, o bien -en el ultimo enlace- bajaros el episodio, copiarlo en un dispositivo apropiado, llevarlo a clase y traer auriculares, en clase podreis transcribir los dialogos al documento del procesador de texto.


una vez que tengais esta seccion de vuestra revista, el resto de apartados es mas opcional, teneis que incluir una portada con el titulo del episodio o guion y una ilustracion adecuada, contraportada, seccion de deportes, moda, aficion personal, etc...

tener en cuenta usar un corrector para que no haya faltas de ortografia y hacer que otro compaƱero le eche un vistazo.

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