Sunday, September 29, 2013

IRIS 1314 TASOCT1 ICT class session.

The main objective of the ITC sessions that we will have along the school year is that of:

- getting familiar and  using digital resources, email servers, navigators, searching engines, platforms and social networks which are freely available on the Internet in order to get or obtain information, supply information, interact with other users in forums and difuse or give publicity about yourselves, other animators or social activists, institutions and events.

And our goal for this first session consists of letting the world know that you exist, that you have some unique skills and projects to pursue.

For that purpose, we suggest:

1. Create a new post in the class blog - - with your best picture, personal presentation and cv including e.mails from good references and links to your facebook, twitter account, personal blog, youtube account, etc... -some of them optional if you want to separate your profession from your personal life!

2. Create an account on especialized in personal presentations and resumes or cvs.

3. Create a personal blog or in case you already have one create a post with the info of first point.  - on movies, entertainment, kinesthetics, transcripts... - on Jungian psychology

4. A Glogster is a digital picture, like a poster, that supports images, videos, voice or songs, text and links to other sites. It can be a great personal presentation tool that we'll be using in the classroom. In order to create one, go to and follow the instructions.

5. Create a personal presentation video and a personal account on youtube or vblog.

6. Create links among all these websites -searching engines like google compute not only the frequency of visits to your sites but also the amount of these links in order to priorize your site on resulting lists.

7. Get to know each other, interact, comment, subscribe to your colleagues' blogs or sites, recommend, like, follow your friends, etc... the way we trainers understand our job is that, in a way, you are not really students, and we are not in a classroom; this is a company, an enterprise, you are all "employees", we are a TEAM and we have to give support to each other, because if one of you makes it to the top, the others might have a better chance to follow your path.

8. All these digital resources that you are about to create should be kept and listed:

first: on a page called TEAM of the class blog,
second: on a shared EXCEL document that we will create for that purpose.


1. to create a new post:

a. the blog will be open and you'll have free access to it in the classroom. Therefore the information to be included should be:

subject: IRIS 1314 TASOCT1 your name/nick name/symbol to represent your presentation.
content: first of all, a picture of yourself -strongly recommended- or avatar; then, a short personal presentation; thirdly, your curriculum vitae, and finally, links to other personal resources or accounts.

click on PUBLISH, then go to the blog and make sure your post is perfectly displayed, otherwise, repeat the procedure.

b. send an email to with subject as before and same contents for the body of the email; then, again go to the blog and make sure it is properly displayed. Notice you could even use your smart phone to do it, then later on update your post as you like it.

c. accept the e.mail invitation from the administrator of a blog so you can freely post any other information,

2. In order to create a twitter account, or page or a blog or a account go to these sites and follow instructions,

3. we understand these are only a few examples so if you have other suggestions, please share them.


1. Once you have your glogster, whether in this session or another, it could be motivating and enriching to share it with the rest of us. In the beginning of a class, each one of you should present his/her glogster on the screen together with a brief explanation and a dynamic -some dancing steps or body dub movements, etc...

2. using audio-visual resources, like our own video recordings, or storyboards, plots for movies or documentaries is part of the contents for this M04, so we could get a head start by having a session in which we would video-tape our own presentation.

3. We should be updating all information that you create in other sessions, uploading pictures or videos from class activities.

4. we should have specific sessions for point 7 and 8 of first paragraph.

IRIS 1314 TASOCT1 personal presentation

This is a second test

IRIS 1314 TASOCT 1 Mingo Mendez

This is a test on using a smart phone.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

TASOCT - Socio-cultural Animator - an Anthropological view

Fa tan sols una o dues generacions enrera, no hi havia electricitat als pobles, ni radios, ni tv, ni internet;  la gent es trobaria a la nit a la bora d'una llar de foc o espelmes com s'han reunit durant mil.lers d'anys a cabanes o coves, amb la por de predadors o enemics en la foscor...

- de que creieu que parlaria aquella gent en la negra nit?

- del que els ha passat, de les tasques del dia seguent i de llegendes,

La vida no tindria molt valor, la gent amb prou feines arribava als 30 o 40 anys de vida, i la mort els acompanyava a prop. De vegades, mentre anaven d'un indret a una altre, i degut a l'esgotament, la fam, la set, la febre... alguns membres de la comunitat o tot el clan es veia a la bora de l'abisme. En aquest context, s'acostuma a perdre la consciencia i llavors, poden dues coses:

 o simplement els seus cossos no aguantaven i morien,

o entraven en una mena d'estat de transit -amb visions- del que despertaven i amb fortuna, es recuperarien.

S'ha sabut des del començament del temps que el moment de la veritat ultima es la mort, la bora de l'abisme, i sempre han hagut aquells que han perdut un ser estimat, o estan ferits, o febles, o que simplement tenen una sensibilitat escpecial i han buscat respostes en aquest moment de la veritat amb deju i aillament voluntaris.

Aquells afortunats que sobrevivien la por, la fam, la set, l'aillament i la malatia sigui de forma involuntaria o no, de segur van compartir aquells somnis, aquelles experiencies de visions i veus, amb els seus col.legues, membres del mateix clan, en nits tanquedes i, aixi, es convertiren en els primers animadors, l'anima del clan, aquells que donaven sentit a la vida, que protegien tothom amb les seves habilitats especials, els que guiava les passes d'aquells pioners endinsant-se en una terra desconeguda.

Aquests primers animadors, per suposat, van anar cambiant i especialitzant-se, alguns eren inventors, d'altres artistes, d'altres actors, ballarins, guies turistics, etc... que seria de tots nosaltres si nomes existis el treball i cap oci per aturar-se, mirar lluny i veure si la direccio que seguim es l'encertada?

  • Aquesta classe preten il.lustrar el concepte d'animador tal com figura a la diapositiva 7 i 47 de la presentacio.
  • Il.lustra la possibilitat de fer servir aquelles eines senzilles que tenim a l'abast com ara espelmes i estics aromatics, i tancar els llums, i seure al terra sense sabates, per crear un ambient especial i magic com la conversa que va provocar i les emocions que es van compartir.
  • I tambe serveix per recordar que conta rondalles forma part del curriculum de l'ultima Unitat Formativa.

Only a couple of generations ago, there was no electrical power in villages, nor radios, TVs or Internet. Peasants would gather around a fire place or candles as we have been doing for thousands of years in huts or caves, with the fear of predators or enemies in the heart of darkness...

- what do you think they would talk about in the blackest nights?

- about the day gone, the tasks ahead, about legends...

Life would not have much value, people hardly got to live to their 30's or 40's, and death would likely acompany them close by. Sometimes, as they were emigrating from one hunting ground to another looking for game to feed on, and perhaps due to tiredness, hunger, thirst or fever... some of the members of the community, or the whole clan, would see themselves on the edge of the abyss and about to die. In this context, we usually pass out, lose awareness and thus two things are bound to happen:

- our bodies simply can not bear it any longer and die or,

. we enter some sort of trance -with visions- from which we might as well wake up and fortunately get over it.

It is well known, from the beginning of time, that the ultimate moment of truth is death, the edge of the abyss, and there always have been those who lost someone dear, or are wounded, weak, or those who simply have a special need to know beyond what they see, beyond the horizon, and have sought those answers in that moment of truth by means of fasting or isolation of their own will.

Those fortunate enough to survive the fear, hunger, thirst, isolation and disease, whether voluntary or not, sure shared their dreams, their experiences of visions and voices with their colleagues, clan members, in moonless nights and, therefore, becoming the first social animators, the soul, the spirit of the clan, those making sense of life, those who protected everybody with their special gift, those who guided the pioneers across an unknown piece of land.

Those firs social animators or activists, of course, did change and specialized in different fields, becoming inventors, artists, actors, dancers, tourist guides...  What would life be like with only hard work to be done, without the free time to stop and ponder, stare far at the horizon and make sure this is the right track to follow?

  • This class has been intended to illustrate the concept of animator as stated in slide 7 and 47 of the unit presentation. 
  • t also shows the possibility of using simple tools like candles, aromatic sticks, and turning off lights, kicking off our shoes and sitting down on the floor, to provode emotions, to recreate a special atmosphere and even some magic like you guys created with your comments and interaction.
  • It should be useful as well to remind you that storytelling is part of our curriculum during the last unit and term.