Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Founder Institute - LiveScripts


Company-Building Work by Domenec

1. (Founder Guide) 

Experienced as I am on many other business seminars, academic courses and educational grands,  this methodology looks very demanding and agressive at first -and so is the market place. But since there's a lot of teamwork involved, the real challenge is really against yourself, your own emotions, your faith in yourself and your project. Any tough criticism is actually meant to help you as an enterpreneur and person.
If you allow me, let me remind you of the old promise being made by the first free-market capitalist theorists in the beginning of the XX century who envisioned the modern world and society divided into a leading class and a middle class with slight differences between them; and nobody would be really working class because machines would do that job.
It's obvious we are far away from that goal, but it should be worthy to have it in mind. It would be as if we were all one again, as in the dawn of mankind. 
My most favourite movie is Cloud Atlas (2012) by the Watchosky Sisters; and yours?
I think there is a place in the sun for everybody. Let's find it!