Saturday, October 15, 2011

Additional Class materials

Additional Materials


For those of you who would like to read the transcript of the first episode, follow this link;

Optionally, you can complete some of these activities;
and finally, check it out in the answer key.

Hope you enjoy it, remember transcripts are not intended to understand the plot, but just to familiarize yourself with the linguistic content and, therefore, being able to understand a higher percentage of vocabulary.

Be realistic with your expectations, obviously, if you are not used to do much listening practice with original version films, it will be harder to understand, but if you really have pleasure with it, you'll do it again, and improve your skill.

using ict

Previous link leads to a short Power Point presentation on the topic, follow this other link if you would like to read the complete article.

Unconscious Dynamics of Gender Inequality

gender parity

Click on the picture to read this article on gender parity, we will have a Guided Debate on this issue in Unit 3 Looking Ahead.

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