Thursday, October 20, 2011

Human Castles in English Class

Our HUMAN CASTLE completely assembled: a Five (number of members locking arms at the base) of Two (number of levels), the rest of the class made the BULK.

Wearing the traditional sash

Our RISERS getting into position

Another band of Human Castle builders studing their position.

It started as 3 of 2

But ended up as a 4 of 2 with a huge BULK of twelve or fouteen.

DISMANTLING  our human castle.

This bodily-kinesthetic activity -in terms of Multiple Intelligences theory- was meant to fulfill a number of purposes:

  • Not just learning new vocabulary -sash, riser, rider, bulk, etc...- but also linking these foreign words with the emotional content of our own traditions in an attempt to expect a better assimilation of the new code.

  • Provoking real emotions of surprise, hesitation, fear, interest,challenge, enthusiasm and satisfaction to express one's feelings with the right language and idomatic expressions -which is an important part of the syllabus.

  • And of course, bringing the group together in a collective feat which might unconsciously apply to our goal: making an effort to learn a foreign language; then again, adding a little bit of variety and fun to our classes. 
    We guys at the base only carried over one person on our shoulders and we agreed it was quite an effort already, so we just could imagine the tremendous strain of holding six, seven or eight people on top!!

    Another base about to be formed
    Base and upper level into position
    There it is, we made it!!
    A nice perspective from the inside of the base and bulk
    dismantling our castle
    to start all over again!
    And complete another gigantic castle of emotions and fun!


    Sue said...

    That looks fantastic Domènec! Keep up what you're doing, the students look happy! Sue

    josep said...

    I don't know what would happen if we were studying at Vilafranca's EOI: the classroom would need now a new ceiling! Hahaha

    Thank you Domènec for making these funny and complete classes!

    The sash one ;-)