Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Message from Water - free composition

How often do you use blaming words or say your prayers? Perhaps our words and thoughts are more important than we can imagine, and even for inorganic matters, like water. This is what a Japanese entrepeneur, Masaru Emoto, suspected, and it occurred to him that he could show this.

A significant experiment was prepared. He typed the word “Love” onto a label and another one with “You fool”. He pasted them onto two different bottles with water, just to see how it reacted to the words. A visual aid was required, and the tricky way was getting it by freezing the bottles. Then he observed the differences between the small formed crystals. Little did he expect so brilliant results to observe: beautifulness in the “Love” bottle and weirdness in the another.

If Masaru Emoto wasn't interested in healing, he would not have investigated about water and our consciousness. This takes us to consider that his inspirational conclusions are a major step towards our well-being.

If in the end you might be still sticked to skepticism, perhaps you could manage to trust a little. Or think about it as a means to and end; Expect to get beneficial results. I would advise you to drink water gratefully and enjoy singing lovely lyrics while having your shower. Bear in mind that your body is more than 60% water!
Josep Lladonosa Capell - A5A
Love and thanks
You fool

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