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Transcript – Finland

*For those of you who don’t know my name, my name is Jordi. My oral presentation is about Finland. As you see, this is the flag of Finland. The meaning of the colours of the flag is blue of lakes, white of snow, and a cross from Christianity like other Scandinavian Countries.

*But, what documents will be needed to set out from Barcelona to Helsinki? It’s very important the medical insurance card, the student card, the identity card such as the driving licence and the youth hostel card. The youth hostel card can be very useful just in case you need accommodation and you don’t find place to stay. The student card is very important because if you visit Finland as a tourist is very costly but if you visit Finland as a student can be affordable.

*As well, it’s very important the passport because for travelling purpose we need passport to travel different places. I have been to Helsinki (Finland) by airplane three times. The first time I found this place and amazing. A friend of mine puts me up (A friend of mine helped me for the accommodation.) I visited Espoo, Suomelinna, Rautantientori and places like that. Later, I went to Tallinn from Helsinki to Tallinn (Estonia) by ferry and came back to Barcelona. As you see, you can see the seals of the police control. The second time I did the same as the first time but instead of going to Tallinn I went to Riga (Latvia) by bus. I remember visiting Riga and see a lot of beggars and some shabby buildings but later of the Eurovision with our representation of “Beth” the city was renovated and without beggars. And, the third time I went until Vilnius (Lituania).

*I can show you some pictures of mine in the ferry going to Tallinn, Suomelina, the sea water is being freezed like ice and I visited the city of Tallinn. Well, in Finland the light is a big problem. In the winter the day is very short. It is dark at 4 o’clock in the afternoon. But in the summer the day is very long, it is light at two o’clock in the middle of the night. The best time in Finland is the summer time. People love to spend time near the lakes. On the other hand winter time isn’t that bad either. Burning candles and spending time indoors is nice. In the winter you can also do many kinds of activities for example go skiing, skating and so on.(etc.)

*The third time, I stayed in a student’s hostel for three months. In order to commute I needed the transport card in your bottom right-hand corner. In order to find a job I needed the EURES card which is like the INEM card in Spain but in the European Union EURES card. I got my Finnish number and an account in the bank to deposit my money. As well, the ticket for the camping site called “Rastila”.

*In the middle of the forest I saw once an anthill it was looking amazing. Unlike Barcelona, in Helsinki there are a lot of tall anthills. Now you can see in the picture it is so huge as tall a person it was a shocking for me. According to people there are some contests to sit down naked on top of the anthills to feel the ants around them.

*Do you know what it is?
It’s an implant of water. It is a building very tall with a shape of a funnel. The problem of Finland is that it has a flat surface. There aren’t mountains and the area is horizontal. In Barcelona the implants of water are in the mountains but Helsinki needs this tall building to provide water to the other buildings.

*In the supermarkets there are some machines to introduce the used bottles and receive a discount. People throw used bottles on the ground and some people collect bottles to be able to buy things (eatables or their needs) in the supermarket.

*This building is the Finnish Parliament. I visited this parliament and I saw a special elevator. The elevator of the Finnish Parliament and as well the European Parliament is circular to avoid queues.

*I coursed Finnish and Arabic languages in the Official School of Languages. And those are the books used during the course like a dictionary and a student book.

*I like the Mediterranean food. But the traditional food of Finland is probably reindeer meat, salmon and the special black bread which is very good. Vegetables and fruits are very expensive. Caviar is cheap but olive oil is very expensive. I like the salmiakis.

*Finland is a safe place to study but sometimes wrong things happens like this. People have weapons at home like California. In 2007 this incident happens in Tuusula.
*There are some parties in Finland. On 31rd April the graduated students wear overalls with a cap. This is the fancy-dress of the beginning of the spring. Later these students drink a lot and on 1rd May eat a lunch close to the lakes to enjoy themselves.

*Another party I saw is the day of “Saint George” celebrates in Finland on 23rd April. It’s a copy of the “Sant Jordi” party celebrates in Catalonia. I remember seeing girls giving books to boys and boys giving roses to the girls. Well, as well the Finnish tango is much known in Finland and it is from Argentina.

*These are some bookmarks. A bookmark is the paper or other material designed in an attractive way someone uses this for their books to know where someone read.

*You can find a lot of Interesting Facts on the Internet. I do remember seeing all the houses with electricity instead of gas.

*Any questions about the subject?

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