Monday, April 23, 2012

British Pubs - free composition


Could you imagine British and Irish atmosphere without pubs?. The pub is one of the most significant British traditions.The English pub is almost an icon of England and it is absolutely one essential part of their heritage. Indeed, pubs are often seen as an important part of a holiday in the UK and they become an important social center for a community whether it is in a country or a lively local in a town being so close to any English heart.

Many people might see no difference between having a pint in a modern bar and absorbing the atmosphere in one of the many traditional pubs that fortunately Britain still has. Drinking a beneficial pint is a pleasure you have to live when you find yourself at a loose end and everywhere in England.

There are some traces that make pubs unique. Never had you thought to find so many variety of people from different ages, which give the foreign people a great and familiar manner sharing with them evenings together. And nothing to say about its trappings, that make them unique and greatly valued, and suggests you a tremendous relaxing effect.

Foreigners and local people appreciate the variety of types and flavors of beer to be found in the pubs which surpass those of any other country.

If Spanish had had pubs traditions most of us would have enjoyed and shared some events together. It is a place that accepts you on your own terms, look after you, and send you away happier.

Anna Mª Martí Tantiñà
English 5th level, group C
Moià, 12 de March, 2012

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