Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Hi Guys,

Unit 11 is about Art and Entertainment, so perhaps some of you would like a hands-on experience that we could use for class conversation.

i'd like to suggest a couple of ideas, none compulsory, but you are welcome to share in case you dare:

a GLOGSTER is an e.Poster, where you can stick up pictures, text, videos and music or songs,

We were taught how to use the resource last year in a seminar and
it's actually an original way to share our favourite lyrics, songs and tastes in general so it has FLL applications in both READING and LISTENING; besides, some of you are teachers and this is something kids usually love it.

In my example, you'll see precisely the lyrics of a country song echoed by the female performance, it's a melancholic and romantic tune -some people would add stinky or vomiting i know-  but the slow beat or rhythm is intended to help you follow the PRONUNCIATION and STRESS.


This is an invitation to use this amazing internet resource,



Esteve Canyameres Faura said...

Hi Mingo!

The adress of my glog is here:


And my blog is here:


Anonymous said...

Hello mingo

My gloster adress is it:


victor_6_96 said...

Hi Mingo!
I'm Victor Martinez, Class 3C

This is the address of my Glogster:


I hope you like!

Joan Lopez said...

Hello Mingo, this is my glog with the song We will rock you.

David Verdugo said...

Hey Mingo! I have finally finished my Glog the link to see it is http://silver1525.glogster.com/crush-40-open-your-heart-with-lyrics/
I hope you enjoy it :P