Thursday, December 8, 2016

Founder Institute - Livescripts - Disney proposal

Dear Agents,

LiveScripts-Dialogues  would like to market Vaiana's TRANSCRIPT in English by means of an App simultaneously to the launching of the DVD three or four months after the first release on December 2nd.

Obviously, Walt Disney provides viewers this very same information as SUBTITLES but our App is designed to dramatically increase the playing potential of written words:

1. Transcripts are structured by degree of difficulty, and each viewer can choose among the many possibilities: reading a scene, a selection of lines or the whole transcript, always conveniently translated at a click's distance;

2. We highly recommend viewers to read transcripts first and then watch the film, without subtitles; not just because it is more pleasant, but also because only then will psycholinguistic processes take place on the viewers' mind to properly assimilate the new code;

3. Our App includes a voice processor to interact with users, that is, readers can listen to the pronunciation of a given line, tape his/her own voice and the App will say how well they are doing;

4. We can also provide a new dubbing game in which kids -and parents- can substitute the original voices of a given scene for their own voices and share the results. It could be done for sheer fun but also for educational purposes like working on children's emotions;

5. Besides, this daily practice of reading/speaking/listening skills for 15 to 20 minutes during six months based on movie fragments and mass media would give readers an intermediate competence in any language.

LiveScripts Blog is now giving away free transcripts and links to videotapes on a variety of topics, commedies, monologues, feature movies, etc... but we strongly believe that parents or kids worldwide could likely pay for all these new features something between 25 cents and 10 Euros per viewer, 
So could we reach an agreement by which Disney grants permission to use Vaiana's transcripts (perhaps even an extended trailer or scene) and LiveScripts compromises to launch the App described above including, but not esclusively, said transcript in such a way that benefits from sales of these contents are fairly distributed?

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