Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Strategies to learn Phrasal Verbs - grammar presentation


John Benfilh said...

To learn a new word I use synonyms and antonyms. But I can not find a book or list that has a side phrasal verbs and other synonymous phrasal verbs. For example: give up, I know the meaning and having another phrasal verb with the same meaning. Would be easy to memorize.
Grateful For tips. Valuable in Portuguese have not found anything like it.

Domenec Mendez said...

thanks John for your comment and interest, The Theasurous of Slang Language -can't recall the publisher but i keep one at home and can look it up- lists phrasal verbs by the same meaning which is often a latin word -easy to remember for latin language speakers.

and there are sone other self-learning publications in phrasal verbs organized by semantic fields or context. Quite good.

thanks again for your interest,